Streetlight Theatre Company is a non-profit organization based on Pembroke, Ontario. Since 2008, we have been producing plays and musicals for community members of all ages. Our mission is to bring the Pembroke community together through theatre.

Our name is a tribute to Pembroke’s history as the first town in Canada to generate power for electric street lighting. The first electric lights were illuminated in the town on Wednesday, October 8th, 1884, and the streetlights have continued to create a welcoming atmosphere in the town for over a century.


Board of Directors:

President: Karen Keels
Vice President: Kyle Gleason
Treasurer: Julie Lantos
Secretary: Aimee Garcia
Youth Director: Olivia Forder
Andrew Bing
Trish Corriveau
T. J. O’Grady
Liz Reid
Chantal VanHoof
Carma Webber


AGM Meeting Notes 2009
AGM Meeting Notes 2010

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