We love to hear from our community!

Please mail written inquiries to:
Streetlight Theatre Company
PO Box 1313
Pembroke, ON
K8A 6Y6

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  1. Hilary Moss


    I am the drama director for the Pembroke Pentecostal Tabernacle’s Singing Christmas Tree. I am looking for a lamp-post for a scene in our drama, something that would represent being outside in a park. If you have one we could rent we would greatly appreciate it. Our performance takes place December 10-12, but we are rehearsing often these days. If it is available to rental I would pick it up as soon as possible.

    Thank you,


  2. helen

    Need a contact person to speak to regarding costumes.
    The Eganville District Senior Needs Association are creating a calendar to fund raise for
    Meals on Wheels etc. for our community We are looking for costumes to support a picture of nuns.
    It was suggested that I contact your arts group.
    Can you contact me at my email address, perhaps you can help me out.
    Thanks Loreen West at

  3. Brett Buske

    Good Day,

    I’m just inquiring as to whether or not you are still in business. My son (12yrs) is very interested in acting and would like to know if he can become involved in any way?

    your response would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Brett Buske

    Ignore my question. Looks like I visited an outdated site at first. Found what I’m looking for…

  5. Chad Kendall


    I am moving back to the pembroke area after being gone for many years. I’m a 45 year old who hasn’t acted since high school but want to get into acting again. Would you suggest volunteering and doing behind the scenes work with your theatre company or would I have to audition?

    Thank you


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