Streetlight Theatre Company depends upon its dedicated members to perform all functions of community theatre. We have no paid employees: everything is run by our amazing volunteers. 

We’re always looking for new members to help with everything from set construction, to acting, to selecting costumes, to handing out programs.  

If you would like to join Streetlight Theatre Company, we’ve outlined two options:

  • $25 - Per-Production Streetlight Theatre ‘Participant Fee’ - People directly involved in a current production are asked to pay a $25 participant fee which helps alleviate some of the show’s expenses as well as annual insurance fees. 
  • Should a participant be unable to pay this fee, the option to waive the fee through our Inclusivity Fund would be available. 
  • $50 - Streetlight Theatre ‘Membership Fee’ - Past and present cast members, production team members, musicians, and community theatre lovers are encouraged to pay this yearly membership fee (July 1st to June 30th of the following year).  Benefits of being a Streetlight Theatre Member include:
  • Streetlight Theatre Company updates through email, social media, and/or newsletters;
  • Access to advanced ticket sales;
  • Voting rights at our Spring AGMs (ages 18+), with the ability to be nominated to our Executive/Board of Directors.
  • (“Participant Fee” -above- would be covered with the purchase of the Streetlight Theatre Member Fee.)

Click the LINK below.

It's Show Time!

Are you a member currently working on a show?

Click the link below to access the expense claim form. "Make A Copy," fill it in and email it to us to be reimbursed.

Thank you for choosing to become a Streetlight Theatre Member!

If you would like to contribute further, please consider contributing to our inclusivity fund when you pay your Streetlight Membership Fee.